Vase Options

Crystal - Longest Burn Time

The original crystal vase. Available in a large and small size. This vase boasts its burn time of 100 hours and its high scent output with its three-wick design. Once the candle has burned, send the vase back and get it refilled with your favorite scent! The large is 8" wide and 5" tall. The small is 6.5" wide and 4.5" tall.

Urn - Newest Style

Welcome the newest addition to the Pearl Candle Co., the urn style vase! Part of our farmhouse collection, the urn is triple-wicked and will provide hours of burn time and maximum scent enjoyment. The rustic design complements any home. This vase is 6" and 8.5" tall.

Hobnail - Milk Glass

Part of our farmhouse collection. This iconic hobnail milk glass vase will complement any décor. While the candle is burning, you'll see the comforting glow of the flame shining through the white milk glass. The hobnail vase is 3.75" wide and 5" tall.

Pottery - Classic Design

Part glazed, part unglazed, this modern earthy vase with neutral color tones is understated and simplistic yet attractive and profound. Comes in a large and small size, with the large being triple-wicked and a burn time of 90+ hours. The large pottery vase is 5" wide and 5.5" tall. The smaller pottery vase is 4" wide and 4.25" tall.